whidden portrait

Jack Whidden, Director and Photographer
for Artistica Photography is an award-winning
artist/photographer whose writings, artwork and
photos have appeared in national and regional publications. His fine art paintings and
monoprints have won awards in a number
of art shows in five states.

Artistica Photography

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  • Hello! I'm Jack Whidden and welcome our web site for Artistica Photography!

    Today our lives are immersed in art. We expect artful films, TV shows, objects for our homes and more. The same should apply to our photography as well.

    Who can you trust. Well, as a child I was considered as having artistic talent. I've since earned a Master of Fine Arts degree and have visited many of the world's greatest art museums in Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, Florence, Rome, and a number of others in between.

    Yet, when I pick up a camera and start to shoot, I feel very much like everyone else — I'm facing a blank slate!

    And then, when I look through the viewfinder, inspired cues just seem to flood my mind — as if the ghost of some great classic painter is whispering artistic fundamentals in my ear and a modern master is tapping on my shoulder to guide my creativity.

    Have a photographic concept you want to explore? Call 858.268.4ART(4278) and ask for me and let's chat about it...